Found! Sylnae on the net

For the last two decades I have been using a game world called Sylnae for my fantasy games. It has gone through various rebirths from updating maps as technology gets better (and my skills did too), to complete rewrites and rethinking of the world. I consider there three phases really:

  • Phase I, circa lates 80s thru early 90s – The world I used as a kid. I used this world to run all my high school and one college campaigns. I still have a three ring binder with all the details in it. Hand drawn maps, pages after pages of notes scribbled here and there, print outs of equipment lists, various house rules, and ever copies of some character sheets.
  • Phase II, circa 1999-2003 – The first time Sylnae was put on the net. Heck I don’t even remember what this site looked like now, but it was the first time I registered a site (with some free service I forget now) and started learning web design, which lead me down a strange path. Somewhere along the line I got a domain name.
  • Phase III, 2003-2005 – Major revision. Reworked all maps, signficant changes to the races, countries were moved around/changed, and made a really cool looking website. Made a serious effort to map as many locations as I could, most of which came from my campaign I was running at this time.

I still have some of the artwork at home on my computer, but I know that most of the source files for maps and crests and such are probably lost to the blackhole of continual computer upgrades. So today I wondered if any of the work I did found it’s way onto the net in other locations and started searching a littl here and there. I was able to locate some of the pages and artwork from the Phase III era online on a web archive site and I thought I would post some of it here, just well, because.

First I thought it made sense to publish the world map. Click the image below to see the full size map. I original map I had was quite large (I remember it tapped my computer out when I was working on it).


One thing I was able to do was copy a good portion of the website from its near last days, so I am thinking it might be kind of fun to do up a little pdf of all the historical data from the site and make a Sylnae Gazetter or something. We will see.

In the comes days/weeks I plan on posting stuff from the old Sylnae site.


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