Eh Gads! A monster for any RPG!

moleEh gads! That thing is perfect for any RPG! Click the image to see a larger version, but man oh man, that thing would be perfect. It is called a Mole Cricket and is just icky.  😀

Can you imagine if it were 30 feet long, or worse, 60 feet?? Terrible!

Or better yet, try a camel spider, this things are the nastiest damn spiders that god ever created. Huge, hairy and big as sin. I kill these things every chance I get, they are jsut too damn scary to leave walking the earth.

Looks big in the photo huh? Well it is! I ran across one of these things while running the other day, startled me as it ran across the dirt road I was on. Luckily I was able to gather my composure and change my course so that I could squash this bastard where he stood. I probably saved some lucky person’s life! The one I made flat looked pretty much like the above one, except he was a more dark shade of brown.

See an average size:


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