1KM1KT 24 Hour RPG Challenge: I won!

keetonmustdie-300x232If you read this, odds are you already know, but since this is my blog, I figure I should post something about it here. I have known about the 24 Hour RPG Challenge for a few years now and always wanted to take a stab at it. I have been messing around with various role-playing game theories and systems for years, so this seemed a natural progression of that: throw my ideas out there and see if they made sense to anyone else….or am I just a raving lunatic? I wonder at times.

Well, seems my lunatic thoughts actual hit a cord with others and somehow I ended up winning the challenge! Weird, huh?

Official entry page:

Another contestant made a character for the game:

Background on how it happened.

I had been thinking about the Challenge since the day the topics were announced and struggling not to think ahead of time about an idea (one of the conditions of the contest). I was returning from a really good R&R trip back home to the States and was stuck for a week in Kirkuk on FOB Warrior. Hanging out in a tent with four other guys when it is 110 outside with nothing to do but waste time is not really my idea of fun, so I spent allot of time at the free internet courtyard (thank you to the army chaplain who provides the service….if he only knew he helped me create a role-playing game about possessed and sadistic teddy bears he might rethink this service). While I was there, I chatted with my wife a bit and one of use stumbled across a hilarious website called Teddy Scares. We talked briefly about this and it must have struck a chord with me.

meanbear2The next day I woke up super ass early, and if you have been on a FOB you know that if you wake up at 4am you are screwed. Nothing opens until at least 6am or so, and the rest of the tent was still sleeping. Feeling creative, I pulled out my laptop and remembered one of the topics was Teddy Bear Blood Sport. Honestly I had sort of been thinking about other great topics from the list: Aliens vs Monsters vs Pirates vs Ninjas (Pirates rock!) and The Great Hamster Rebellion. So why I remembered Teddy Bear Blood Sport? Got me, must have been fate. Anyway I started working on it, only stopping for a few hours due to some work I had to do, but really it came very easy and fast to me. I probably spent as much time on layout and design as I did on the creation of the game. During the work, I realized to export from Word to pdf I needed a plug-in, so I trucked up to the chaplain’s free web courtyard and luckily checked the 1KM1KT web site again and realized I had left out something very important…..KEETON himself!

So I trucked back to the tent and struggled for ideas on how to work him into the game. Funny now that I think about it, but the possession, Dr. Keeton, the soul mechanic all came at the last minute during the layout phase and to me, those are the most important parts of the game that make it work. Layout was a pain in the rump due to Word’s seriously stupid way of handling background images, but once I got that worked out the next thing that proved hard was the character sheet. I wanted something short and sort of catchy, something that stood out a bit. Not sure I got what I was aiming for, but I probably spent a good two hours coming up with the one in the pdf.

pawI finished up the game, exported it and uploaded. I was happy I completed it, sort of felt like I had completed my first marathon or something. I remember showing Bryan and thinking, this thing is silly, goofy nonsense. He liked it, and it helped encourage him to make an entry as well. I felt as if the cycle was complete there, I completed it and that was all that mattered. Honestly, I completely forgot about it, never looked at it again. I looked at a few of the other entries, realized (I thought) my idea was a silly and easily forgettable entry into the world of RPGs. I had actually completely forgotten about the date the winner was annouced, in short, I had completely ignored that fact that I entered the Challenge at all. When I got the PM from Rob Lang telling me I had won, to say I was shocked, well, is putting it lightly.

I had completely regarded what I did as a silly roadside stop at a junk trinket shop on the highway of gaming.  And then, in classic snikle-fashion, I moved on and forgot about it all. Rereading what I made yesterday, I think I even made myself laugh a few times, surely a sign of lunacy.

Needless to say, I still think it is a bit of a silly, lunatic ride, but hey, apparently that is something people like. Weird, huh?


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