Google, a company that I respect

google logoOk, so I am in the Army, you know that, and I try to support companies that have supported US troops over the last decade. When people stop giving a discount to military personnel, I stop going there (Subway not withstanding, cannot get the wife and kids off it). So Google has started offering Google Voice free to service members. With this, people in the States can call and leave messages for the deployed soldier, sort of a digital voicemail box we can reach whenever we are able to get to a computer connected to the internet. Here in Iraq things are not too bad and many of us can get internet in some way or fashion, but those guys in Afgahnistan may have it far worse, I do not know.

Either way, kudos to Google for showing their support of us who are deployed, you put your money, and services, where mouth is. And that, to me, means a lot.

Read more here.


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