Why I am no longer excited about District 9

200px-District_nine_ver2When I caught the original short film, Alive in Joburg, I was blown away. This unheard of director put together a very cool short film showcasing what is possible to the small film director today. It clearly showed some awesome sci-fi elements but also showed a strong vision from a new director. Cool stuff in my book.

Well that has all changed. I guess I was sort of blinded by how cool the short film looked, but now going back, I can clearly see the lines of doom draw even in the short film. Ulimately it seems like the core element of the story is that we are bad. We are to blame. Damn mean, cruel humans are fault. As stated in the short film the aliens were captive labor, forced to live in “conditions that were not good” and had escaped to Earth they come here to escape and mean old humans turn them into slaves. We should all be ashamed. More liberal BS that we are all too blame for the bad things in the world. That the haves are to blame for everything that happens to the have-nots.

Reminds me of Godzilla really. Remember that film? Amazing FX, decent cast, and in the end they made us feel sorry for the poor creature! Hmmm, yeah a 250 foot monster is tearing through our city…it is only a mommy looking to take care of its babies! This is why our world is going to crap. What I am seeing from the original film now is a clear message of we must take care of the poor, unable to care for themselves, unfortunates. And that is crap in my book.

Looks like Avatar may be pulling the same thing as well, following the all-to-common message of humans are bad, we are destroyers of all that is good in the world. Eh, I will probably watch this, but honestly, it is looking like I will be disappointed.

For more info on this film, see: http://www.d-9.com/


3 thoughts on “Why I am no longer excited about District 9

  1. There are Liberals in Hollywood?

    I have to say though, I have seen Californication, and am now watching How I met your Mother….and I just love both shows! So some good things still come out of that stupid town….

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