Making Sylnae, Part III: Cliffs, Swamps, and the Desert

We continue with part three of the series, documenting the creating of the world I plan on using to run some games.

Part 3: The Cliffs, Swamps, and the Desert

These next parts I realized would get only a small amount of use on the map, but these are important to add variations to the world to allow for a much wider area of game play and to make the world more realistic and like our own. So these needed to be done as well.

FRexample-cliffI had to find another map, as the one I was using as a basis did not have an example of a cliff on it, when I did I was lucky to find a full, and massive, Forgotten Realms map online. Which of course had more pieces and variations on the map pieces that I had already made. Luckily, I had saved everything and was able to easily tweak the existing work to fall in compliance with all this new stuff.

The cliffs ended up pretty much matching up to the mountains in how they were made, minus one whole side of them. So they were pretty easy to work out and do up a couple of examples. These will be easy to reproduce on the world map. I am pretty with how they turned out.

map style6

FRexample-swampNext up were swamps, not my favorite by any stretch of the definition, but any fantasy gaming world would certainly not be complete without swampy goodness! Besides where else would the liches, ghouls, and evil wizards live? Amazing as it sounds, this was actually rather hard to accomplish. It just seemed to take forever to get the damn border (yeah, I know, I could have drawn it out easy enough, but remember I am going to easy as hell and easily repeatable methods here) and those darn squiggles inside there…vegetation I guess, took forever to get just right. Needless to say, there will be little swamp areas in the new world. 😉

map style8

FRexample-desertAnd what world would be complete without some deserts? Another necessity in the gaming world, the desert, needs to be there, and usually there is a rather large one too, a foreboding place to visit, harsh to survive in, and always full of nasty, nasty creatures. To the right we have a rather rocky desert, with a few hills throw in. To get a variation, the original maps also had ‘non-rocky’ deserts, which I can duplicate by simply not drawing in the rocks. Neat, eh?

Here is my attempt at the deserts of Sylnae. I only did up one sample as I was happy enough with it and how it turned out that I felt I need not waste more time making up pieces of the map when the full map was still waiting for me.

map style7And there we have it. All the pieces we need to develop a large and Forgotten Realms style map. With these pieces, and in my case, the steps and original design pieces, I should be able to reproduce the style fairly efficiently and without too much of a struggle.

Next week we tackle the actual layout of the world!


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