The Imginarium of Parnassus

parnassusWow. I love Terry Gilliam anyway, he is consistently one of my favorite directors and a man of amazing vision. Having just seen the trailer (available here) I can say that this is my personal most anticipated upcoming film (though 9 still has me excitted), the visuals are stunning and look like they create a world that could only exist in Gilliam’s head.

parnassus3The plot is pure Gilliam. Doctor Parnassus makes a deal with the devil to live forever and set up his magical travelling sideshow (or something to that effect) with the devil getting the soul of any child of his at the age of 16. In our age he has a daughter who is about to turn 16, and of course, be lost forever to the devil. Along comes a mysterious stranger (I wonder if Gilliam will make him into an angel or even God) who must travel through various worlds (I think created from the imaginations of people visiting the sideshow) to attempt to save the young daughter by it appears saving 5 souls from the devil (or giving him five in lieu of hers).

parnassus4Again the visuals are awesome. Here are more images from the trailer:


Of course, it must also be said that this will be Heath Ledger’s final appearance on film as he died while in the midst of filming. Plus, heck it has Verne Troyer in it, the guy who played the coach in The Love Guru! Cannot be bad right?


The film opens October 16th, just in time for me to get back to the States!


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