Sylnae Revisited

Last week I stumbled across some of the old work I did on Phase III of Sylnae and though I would post them here. I really enjoyed this version of Sylnae, it had a really nice map that was thought out fairly well with decent country placement that enabled some good story telling to take place.

Here are a couple of the maps I was able to recover, focusing on the different nations on the face of the planet. First up is the Empire of  Kiskov, a nation of minotaurs who were some of the best sailors around as well. I remember I had a pretty elaborate religion made up for these guys. One of my favorite groups in the version of the world.



Speaking of religions, I had a god named Aesir that followed along the world of Sylnae from day one. Sort of a staple I would say. A human god that would be commonly worshipped in most human areas of the world, stood for justice, friendship, life, marriage….all the good things. Many a paladin would cry his name as they ran into battle. His symbol is to the right and this incarnation had something to do with an all seeing eye that could see truth and justice…or something like that.

One thing I did with the website was to have a page set up for everything, so almost all the items had a spot for a shield/logo/symbol or something. So I ended up making many of those as well. I ended up really liking these and how they looked on the site, so I was happily making more than I needed and inventing places, just to make the logo for the place. 😉 Below are two that I made.nation-rivgen-garrisontower


I will share more in the coming weeks, I have two city maps that are sweet!


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