The Centipede of Death

225px-CentipedeEh gads! This thing is terrible. The fact that it clearly is a deliberate act, climbing the cave wall, just hanging there, very scary. Some things in nature make sense, how some creature could learn to do something, but this…..this is just crazy. The whole hanging upside down hoping to snag  something that has extrasensory sonar wacky stuff to avoid hitting anything….wow. How this thing could evolve is just beyond me. Imagine, two centipedes sitting there sunning themselves one day when suddenly one starts talking.

“So Bob,” the first one says. “I have been thinking.”

“Yeah, Tom, you always are,” Chimes in his annoyed friend.

“All those bats we see buzzing around every night, you think they are tasty?”

“What’s it matter, we are ground crawlers, an inch tall, no backbone and such, gravity makes that rather hard, you going to hang around just wishing for one to get tired and drop down for a rest?” He takes another sip of his Leggy Brew beer. “Ever heard we might be invertebrates? Look it up, I suggest wikipedia.”

“No, I was thinking I could scale the wall and then hang down, snag one mid-air, bite the little fucker and then gobble him up,” he smiles with his mandibles, knowing his friend will think it is a dumb idea. “Logical really, if you use your little pea brain to think about it.”

Either way, one did think it up, now they make a living hunting flying bats. No shit.


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