Writing? Again??

If you are reading this, then odds are you know my laptop took a crap on me, and given that I leave Iraq in about 5 weeks, I am just sucking it up until I can get home and get it fixed. Until then, I am bumming a older lappy from a friend here who was nice enough to offer it up to me within minutes of finding I was without lappy. Good fella.

Anyway, another friend of mine is writing a game for Game Chef 2009 and he is interested in including a story that fits with the genere and setting of the game. In the time since my lappy has died, I have somewhat reflected on how much time I wasted on gaming that I could have been doing other, better things. One of these was write. I have long been wanting to write something, it ust crawls through my viens, like a thick patch of blood that slithers in and out, hidden from view occassionally, but alway eventually rears its head and shows up again. So here we are again, matt wants to write something, to help his friend out, but also to prove that I can write something…..better yet, COMPLETE something.

So, wish me luck….


3 thoughts on “Writing? Again??

  1. Hey Matt, I look forward to reading what you write! I wouldn’t call all your time gaming wasted though, its a way to relax, but it is also a creative outlet. Look, you even won an award for one of your creations!

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