Various wanderings of the careless mind

I love the internet. I have a knack for the inability to stay focused (I am sure there is a medical, if uninteresting term for it) and I often find myself wandering to new, unexplored places on the internet. Wikipedia is a drug I have become addicted to and on a lazy day I can find myself wandering from a page on the recently discovered Lechuguilla Cave (5th longest cave in the world!) and somehow end up on a page about Banana Sex and the possible bananageddon (Damn Interesting is a great site as well for obscure and strange information). Do not ask me how, but I find these lazy, twisting journeys quite interesting and the information gleaned from these paths, well, priceless.

For example, did you know that all the Golden Hamsters in the United States and Israel come from the same litter of 6 hamsters born from a single female in 1930? Amazing, thousands and thousands of hamsters can all be traced back to the same female over 70s years ago. Very cool. This means my hamsters I had as a kid are related to the two hamster my daughters had recently.

Or check this out, the Big Blue Hole, a massive sink hole you can dive in. Pretty cool, not into scuba, but made that would be a neat place to go.

A website with common grammatical errors we frequently make (I am victim of one I see here, I often make the “Alot” mistake).

An island I never want to visit, even if it was decontaminated.

The Seattle Underground, I think I saw this on an episode of “Ghost Hunters” but I could be mistaken. Neat and spooky as hell. You won’t catch me there.

A contaminated, and then concrete covered lake (who thought that was a good idea??) in Russia, the site of nuclear testing. Gotta love those Ruskies.

Carrying on with the spookiness, how about abandoned subway stations and levels in New York, surely not for the faint of heart (read: me).

And check this little gem: Silent UK. A site dedicated to finding and detailing lost places in the UK, some of their photos are simply stunning.

Forgotten Detroit traces famous, and in some cases lost, places in the city I hope to never visit.

Hey look, that great country Russia has  killed people using their nuclear testing! Awesome! Least we were smart and put it on islands out in the middle of nowhere so only the local small population and some fish got irradiated. Geesh! Those Ruskie barbarians.

The very cool story of how our lives today might have been completely different if this had been successful, I give you the Wardenclyffe Tower! The scary part of this it is actually coming to fruition: Wireless Power today!

So to recap, I started somewhere in caves, went through huamn and natural disasters and ended up an wireless power. God I love the Internet.


One thought on “Various wanderings of the careless mind

  1. Got me to looking at forgotten Detroit and I found mich. central station, I have picked up alot of trailers in Detroit when I was del. new ones at a rail yard next to an lod building and allways wonderd what it was. Now thanks to you I now know, that was pretty cool. If you go to it in the 39th picture you can see the yard where the trailers are parked.

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