Leviathan! Scott Westerfeld’s new book!

I read a two part story called The Risen Empire a few years ago and thought it was some of the most amazing writing I had read in a long time, in fact I had not been reading for a few years and stumbled upon these two books and it got me back into reading. The story was sci-fi military and very fast paced. The first book ended abruptly¬†and I later found out that it was actually one book the publisher split. Either way, it was an amazing read. I never got into the author’s other, YA books, b ut I found out today that he is about to release a new series that is right up my alley…steampunk! And to top it all off, it is alternative history too! The site has a few of the interior art pieces (the book will have over 50) and they look pretty neat, a new twist on some old steampunk, very cool stuff.

They even have a pretty neat trailer for the book:

Watch the trailer on YouTube

Learn more about the book and the author:



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