Matt’s Law

I was talking to Brennen tonight and he referenced “Matt’s Law” and after thinking a moment I asked him what he meant.

He replied:

Fun, rules lite, low- to no-prep…and…matt’s law,  under 20 pages.

I would like to copyright that now, please. Then he proceeded to tell me was going to write me that game. Cool! Cannot wait!


6 thoughts on “Matt’s Law

  1. That’s pretty funny since the Story Games I prefer allow far greater creativity and use of imagination than many of the games out there. In fact, I would go out on a limb and say that Candy Land is closer in nature to Savage Worlds or D&D than most of the games I favor.

  2. The point of Candyland is that the only game mechanics presented are those governing movement. Everything else is story that you and the other players can make up along the way without the rules hindering you from telling your story. Maybe you didn’t get very far on that last turn because you had to fight off ochre jellybeans.

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