Risus…so damn annoying

Ok, I love Risus, I think it is a kick ass system that is flexible enough to allow any genre. That said, I absolutely HATE it as well. Let me explain.

Risus is free, the basic rules are available for free from the Cumberland games website. The expansion pdf, The Risus Companion, is a paid for product, well worth the price and I highly recommend it. I am looking at starting up a game and am planning on using the basic rules plus a few from the companion as well, BUT I would like my players to have ALL the rules to read over. Right now, I am thinking I will use like one rule from the companion…one freaking rule.

The creator of Risus encrypted the damn files, so I cannot just copy and paste the one stupid rule as text from the PDF so my players could read this additional rule. Now sure, I can tell them all to go purchase it (probably the reasoning behind it), or just hand jam it in, but damn it, for a FREE game this is annoying as hell. I see shades of the music industry DRM stupidity here: “Buy our product, but we will dictate how you are able to use it.”

I purchased the product, thus I should be allowed to use it as I see fit. It is not like I am going to resell it or make money off of it, and in fact, I am pretty certain that most of my players have the Companion already….I just want to be able to create a sort of “all encompassing rules” handout to give them for reference. I am sure this is a I.O.R. no-no, but jesus, I bought the crap, I want to use it, not have to jump through hoops to be able to use the data. Just reminds me of the hoops you have to go through to get my iTunes, Sony, or WMP encrypted files to play on anything I want. Freaking annoying.

Almost enough to destroy my fascination with Risus. I mean really, is the a market for bootleg versions of Risus PDFs? Really?

Now, the good news. I was able to find two free pieces of software (one is on a trial basis) that removes the moronic encryption and another that converts the file (albeit not 100% perfect) to a Word document. Take that! HA!


2 thoughts on “Risus…so damn annoying

  1. Just curious: what’s the one Companion rule that you will be using? I’ve paraphrased several of the most common options at Silverlode 1908 (http://www.velvet-edge.com/silverlode_1908.html) and Dragonspire (http://www.velvet-edge.com/dragonspire.html).

    Regarding your annoyance…

    I can’t speak for S. John but I can quote the I.O.R. Charter…

    “Article IX – The Companion: Members of the Order have exclusive and perpetual access to The Risus Companion, but may extend access in the form of hardcopy printouts provided without charge to Risus gamers at their gaming table. Members recognize that floors, decks, beds, swimming pools and trampolines are the equivalent of tables for the purposes of this policy. The Risus Companion also serves – through specific references – as the Order’s secret codebook for unlocking members-only archive files, providing passwords for secret gatherings, et cetera.”

    Perhaps the Companion is encrypted precisely because it’s to serve as a key to other freebies? I admit that very few of the freebies have materialized, but maybe S. John had hopes for more?

    I’d hate to equate the encryption of the Companion with R.I.A DRM stupidity. He gave us Risus for free and repeats *at length* that the Companion isn’t required to enjoy the game. He’s really serious about that (I know, he’s called me on this before).

  2. I was planning on using the ‘Lucky Shots’ rule which I now realize is on your site. Oopsie. Not that big of a deal really, and yes we should probably stay away from the whole DRM discussion. I just feel extremely annoyed when I purchase some media and then I am told how I can personally use it.
    It is just a personal pet peeve of mine after spending money buying music in Sony’s stupid format years ago and then having to essentially figure out a way to use the same music when I got a new media player and discovered it would not play that format. I know it is silly, but we all have those little things that annoy each of us, this one is mine.
    I wonder if anyone has ever had their I.O.R. membership revoked? 😉

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