A few weeks ago I stumbled upon this web site and the idea came to me that I should try it out. I have a APFT (Army Physical Fitness Test) coming up anyway and a few additional pushups never hurts the old ego of this old man.

Now I must admit that I am about two weeks behind schedule in actually starting, life just keeps getting in the way. Tonight I took the test, probably later in the evening than I should have, but hey late is better than never right? So I scored a 30, I probably could have done a few more, but heck I was tired already after a day at the gymnastics meet….and well, that’s an excuse.

Anyway, so tomorrow I start the plan. Reading it, I guess I skip ahead to week three and go from there, apparently 30 is good. HA! Not even my minimum I have to do for the Army test. I am not sure the validity of this plan, but heck, doing more push ups cannot hurt you…..can it?

So, 30 push ups, and tomorrow I start the plan….

In the mean time, you can check Brennen and Bryan’s progress on their sites. Keep an eye on those two, something fishy about them…..


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