Why I like Rambo

I just finished up watching the movie Rambo again for maybe the third time and a thought came to me that many people I have spoken to are shocked and disgusted by this movie, but me? I love it. Is it gratuitously violent and steps over the line in numerous places? Hell yes. Is it a simple and minor story? Yeppers.

However, I think this movie says something that we as a society do not have the fortitude to say these days: Sometimes war, and killing, are justified.

One must wonder what GEN Patton, GEN MacArthur, or probably any citizen of the Alliedcountries would say if you told them we needed to ensure we did not harm any women or children when we bombed Germany. I am sure when the order to bomb Dresden came down, no one said “But poor innocent Germans might be killed!” We did not care then because it was a war for survival, everyone was affected by the way and every knew the outcome if we did not stop the enemy. Can you imagine the uproar today if the US Air Force conducted a similar raid? Good God, the news would erupt in story after story of the poor innocent people killed and the ‘war crimes’ (sorry, that term makes me laugh, its called WAR stupid!) we had committed. Heads would roll. GENs would get relieved (then tried in court) as politicians tried to save their asses and prosecute the military who are charged with doing just these things. Aaah, got to love our politically correct society we have created. Heck, I think it is funny when people get squeamish when they slaughter a cow in a film, I mean what the F* you think you are eating at McDonald’s people?!?!?

Anyway, back to the movie. I fully believe there are people in the world that cannot be reasoned with (Hitler, Kenghis Khan, Mao, that stupid leisure-suit wearing dork from North Korea), and when those fools somehow get into power and are threatening us, by all means they need to be removed…harshly. So why this film? Because it takes that idea and shoves it in our face, it shows us that there is a time for violence. There are times when killing someone is the only way to save others and to put an end to evil. I think as a society we have forgotten this, perhaps because the US population has been so far removed from the everyday violence of the world. Perhaps we think we are above it now, but sadly it still exists, waiting for us to let our guard down. This movie reminds us that it is still there, staring from the shadows. When faced with a losing situation, Rambo steps up and removes evil at the head (sometimes literally). If he had not, the general would have killed all the (misguided) missionaries and continued to torture the Karen people.

Sometimes evil must be fought with evil.

And plus, when he turns the .50 cal on the driver of the jeep….wow…


2 thoughts on “Why I like Rambo

  1. Seriously? Wow, get out and check it out man, very good, though if you see it with someone with a weak stomach for violence, you will never make it through the movie.

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