Gaming Resolutions for 2010

A bit late probably, but what the hell. What follows is my hopes/resolutions for all things related to RPGs for this year we find ourselves in:

  • Continue to strive for one game a week, either playing or running
  • Play Mouse Guard (Brennen, make it happen man!)
  • Play Lady Blackbird
  • Run a Shotgun Diaries game and slaughter millions of zombies, and players!
  • Settle on a genre for a game I want to run (X-Files-ish, Holmesian, fantasy, Lovecraftian….hell I don’t know)
  • Run a mini-campaign in the genre above using Risus
  • Make a few more 1PageAdventures
  • Run/Play a silly and fun Full Light, Full Steam game
  • Work with the EGH guys on getting a decent Podcast going
  • Finish writing another game, even if it is just another hack or mash of other systems

And I think if I get half of those done this year, I will consider it a successful year for me, least game-wise.


6 thoughts on “Gaming Resolutions for 2010

  1. Shotgun Diaries looks interesting. Get in touch man if you do…some buddies use to run a game locally but the PS, Xbox, and PC have stolen them and stopped the games for now. Was playing a Star Wars Saga one before it ended.

  2. Ah yes, the most vile and terrible console games! Most foul of all villains, it steals players from us daily! I will keep you two in the loop if I get a Shotgun Diaries game going. Odds are it will be on a Thursday in the near future.

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