Swashbucklers of the 7 Skies, part two

Bryan ran another session of S7S for us  about two weeks ago and did a write up of the session on his blog:


The game was real fun and I liked how it was sort of Risus-ish in that the players had massive amounts of freedom to add to the world around them yet there was still an element of control and drive from the GM to help keep things moving in the right direction (least I think so, I was playing in the game). My favorite moment thus far was the point where I spent a style die (and was then shortly followed by the other players as they added to my tale) the bit about Trynn’s husband walking on to the other ship, it was a moment of Hollywood where things just magically tied together wonderfully.

Good stuff, and I cannot wait for the next session to find out what happens to our little group of pirates!


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