The Columbian Exposition

I have begun working on this ‘solo’ mini-campaign. I call it that because I plan on initiating the game with a bit of one-on-one with a single player, I have a few reasons for doing this. Chief among them is my own personal hang-ups with this loose and freeform game system. While I love the Risus system, it and I have had a bit of a rocky relationship…but I have faith in it.

My second main reason is simply time. I have little of it to spare these days,especially with two field exercises coming up. To combat this I have devised a plan that involves a bit of actual ‘real time’ gaming as time permits, interspaced with bits here and there over Skype (my player and I both have iPhones and are able to check in here and there during the day/evening). My goal with this is to allow us both to get our gaming fix, build upon the setting in anticipation of a larger game with more players, and test out Risus for a different setting and styles of play.

We officially kicked off this experiment a few days ago with some chatter over Skype about setting, style, a few character ideas, and discussing how we would play. And we decided on the year of 1893, Chicago as the headquarters, and with the character being either elaborately wealthy and therefore one of the founders of Blackwood, OR be one of the founding members that were invited at the inception of the organization. We have not decided which route we are going yet, but I really like the idea of him being a founding member, just creates a bit of background and ties him to the group in a strong way. Plus, heck, being disgustingly wealthy can be fun. 😉

So we are both very busy and fitting in some chatter here and there about the game, more updates as they come…


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