Awesome Adventures!

The other night we were down a player due to an unplanned Furry Pirate attack and with just three of us, we decided to venture out and try another game system. Brennen pulled out the Fate RPG based game Awesome Adventures! by Willow Palecek. The game seems (I do not own it) to be the essence of the Fate RPG, stripped of some un-needed (or un-desirable) parts of the game.

Bryan came up with the idea of a group of youngsters that solve mysteries much like the Scooby-Do gang and we agreed on that, though with a bit more serious tone and less slapstick. We dove into character creation….a game unto itself actually. As the manual says “Remember, you are playing the game from the very moment the character sheets hit the table!”

Character Creation.

There are five phases in character creation in Awesome Adventures!, each provides you with two Aspects. Aspects paint a picture of what makes the character tick, who he is, past details, and are used mechanically later in the game. The first phase deals with the Background and Upbringing, detailing family past and early years. The second is Formative Adventures in a Time of Troubles and should reflect a period of time that was a character building moment in their life. The third is Adventure! and is where you come up with a title to a movie or book that your character would be the main star. Phase four is Guest Star! and you tie your character back to the other player’s phase three. This really sounds easier than it is…took us quite a bit of time as well and proved much more difficult than I anticipated. In the end however, while fleshing out our characters we had inadvertently fleshed out much of what some would call adventure seeds with bryan having and older pychic aunt, a museum he worked for, and ties to an organized crime ring. I too had ties to the crime family, a burning desire for his character and had developed some ‘lady of the night’ skills. The creation process was probably one of the more interesting things I have seen in a while. It tied our characters together, created much if the world we will inhabit, and provided the GM with a handful of already connected seeds with which to torture us with.

I have attached the two characters we created for you to look at. Next time we game, we should jump right in and see how the system plays out.

Daniel Faraday (Bryan’s Character)
Ruth Vesonder (Matt’s Character)


4 thoughts on “Awesome Adventures!

  1. Seems like you guys had alot of fun!! Can you please repost ypur character sheets. I am thinking of buying the game and would like to see a preview.

  2. I think we did the characters all over gDocs and thus had no actual character sheets. I am traveling currently, if you can do me a favor and in a week send me an email at “snikle nineteen-seventy-three at gmail dot com” I should be settled and able to check on my laptop (currently on just my iPad).

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