S&W: Whitebox, actually in a box!

Well, my love of old school just got a bit stronger. Mythmere has released their Whitebox actually in a box, reminiscent of how many of us  playing games. This has really gotten me interested in this game again.

About a year ago I discovered Whitebox and fell in love with the old school style of the game. I ran a few sessions but due to the deployment to Iraq I struggled to get anything solid going. I do love it’s easy to play and logical (and sometimes not logical) play system however. Not sure If I will buy this or not, but I have to give them props for having the balls to release this as a old school box set, very very cool.

Course, I still say that I can do old school with Risus and get more mileage out of the game than I could with S&W.

You can see some photos of the actual box set here:



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