Sebastian Croft, the Blackwood Luxorem

Sebastian Croft, the Blackwood Luxorem

Sebastian Croft, the standing Luxorem (or leader), of the Order of the Blackwood is an elderly and small man. He is wrinkled and hunched over and often needs assistance getting around. Most often he dresses simply in a finely tailored, but simple, dark suit. While commanding respect, his voice is strained and broken.

Unwavering servant of light (5)
Friend and confident of the Most Holy (4)
Elderly source of arcane, and worldly,  knowledge (3)

White Leather Bible with hand written notes scribbled on numerous pages throughout. On his right hand, he wears a gold signet ring given to him by the previous Pope (Pope Pius IX).

Pope Leo XIII, the current Pope is a good friend and confident. Mayor Carter Harrison, Sr. the current mayor of Chicago.

Sebastian Croft has been head of the Order for well over thirty years, before that serving as an agent and liaison to the Vatican. His tenure in Rome helped forge a lasting bond with the clergy that has lasted to this day, especially his relationship with the Pope and Francesco Satolli, first Apostolic delegate to the United States. After a particularly vile creature was able to penetrate the protective prayers that shield the Holy City, it was Sebastian that sent the creature back to the abyss moments before it would have struck down God’s servant on earth. Since that event, the Order and the Vatican have had a strong relationship and frequently fought against the darkness.
Originally from Scotland, Sebastian has travelled the world and seen many a thing that most would deny could exist. While his knowledge of the arcane is insurmountable, his years are beginning to catch up with him (it is rumored that he must have benefitted from the gifts of a supernatural force to lived this long….but no one knows for sure) and he is actively looking for an adequate successor to present himself.


Unwavering servant of light: Calling upon the Lord for guidance, able to hold on to his faith against all odds, standing face to face with pure evil, unable to be led down the path of corruption, can summon up incantations (he calls them prayers) that can offer protection against dark forces

Friend and confident of the Most Holy: knowledgeable on all things related to the Vatican, able to contact the Pope for resource help, entrance into the Holy City, able to obtain access to remote and unknown portions of the Vatican and other secret knowledge, can call upon local religious leaders for help

Elderly source of arcane, and worldly, knowledge: Being knowledgeable on arcane topics, having a commanding voice that can stop people in their tracks, travelled the world, able to conjure up details on various places and people in the world




I selected this photo (I doctored it a bit using a a free filter from Filter Forge) because I want Croft to appear time tested and still full of knowledge on a variety of subjects. I see him as frail and needing assistance in merely standing for a length of time. He is nearing the end of his tenure as the Luxorem of the Order of the Blackwood. Players should see him as a source of knowledge, but one that could be gone at any time and should be protected, admired, respected and treated with care and reverence.

I selected the name because a friend of mine has the last name of “Croft” and I personally love the name. To me it sounds ancient, sort of like that old man in a work of fiction that the heroes would approach for knowledge in their journey to save the world.  I see the Croft’s as a strong family that is immensely wealthy now and very powerful, but Croft leads the family, and the Order, with respect for that power.

While creating Sebastian, I established a massive connection between the Order and the Catholic Church, something I had not thought of, or anticipated previously. This creates a much different dynamic inside the Order than I had believed existed. Again, I have a vision of Blackwood but it was a slim vision of a world that is colliding with forces beyond our comprehension…nothing more than that. This certainly adds a depth to the world, and opens up large and wide doors of possibility for the players in future adventures.


One thought on “Sebastian Croft, the Blackwood Luxorem

  1. I love it! I also like how you added a Contacts section, which I’d definitely use for games where society matters. I’ve done something similar in past Gurps or D&D games and it is a great way to feed the GM with ready made plot hooks.

    I look forward to additional characters in the series. Unlike other systems, I actually like reading Risus characters. Instead of being constrained by a set of rigid numerical stas, a risus character’s cliches tweak my imagination and help me envision a character and all it’s potential with only s few brief words.

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