Pavlonius Kallinicus, Blackwood Invenire

Pavlonius Kallinicus, Blackwood Invenire

In his late fifties, Pavlonious is still a rather fit and able man. His frame is muscular though thin, and his long, full beard is soft and flowing. A thick Grecian accent is detectable on his lips and at times makes it difficult to understand his words. His eyes are tired and a bit worrisome, as if he has been awake far too long and has seen things no man should. Close inspection of his fingers will cause the viewer to notice small cuts and scratches covering the skin and thick calluses cover the pads of his finger, he clearly is a man who has used his hands throughout his long life.

Pavlonius Kallinicus began his life as a simple fisherman’s son on the rocky shores of Greece in the early 1800s. He lived an idyllic, carefree life until the age of seventeen when his world was suddenly thrust into troubled water as he witnessed his father and brother drug into the depths by a massive dark shape.
With his life in turmoil, he embarked upon a path that took him from the monasteries of Nepal, to the jungles of the Amazon, and eventually landing him in the Vatican City. Lost and without aim, Pavlonius became resolved to the idea that his short life would soon be coming to an end. An eldest priest noticed the youth idling away the afternoons studying mathematical research and scientific journals. Taking the young man under his tutelage, he exposed him to the wonders of the magnificent Papal Library and watched him blossom. Pavlonious eventually found himself head of the United States arm of the Papal Office of Inquisitive Studies of Extraplanar Entities, a rare and seldom spoke of office that operates at the fringe if Papal authority. As he aged, his studies turned more and more towards the dark mechanicitions of the abyss and the powers that haunt the edges of our reality. He has seen many dark things that most should probably not see, been touched by the black, and to this day his dreams are nightmares that would honor hell.

Illuminated inventor who is haunted by the knowledge he holds within (5)
Revered eldery associate of the Vatican city (4)
Grecian fisherman (2)

Golden Shield with St Michael emblazoned upon it, said to offer additional protection against creatures of darkness that wish him ill will (provides a bonus die to any die rolls involving forces of darkness). This amulet was given to him as a gift from Sebastian Croft on the fortieth anniversary of his father and brother’s death and is said to be made from decorative gold that was part of a spear used to slay a greater dark beast that assaulted  Charlemagne

Right Reverend Patrick A. Feehan, Archbishop of Chicago. The Right Reverend and Pavlonius go way back to when Pavlonius used illuminated scripture to save the sagging Holy Name Cathedral after an attack on it by dark creatures caused a massive cavern to open up beneath the chapel.
Mayor Carter Harrison, Sr. the current mayor of Chicago.
Mayor of Rome, Emanuele Ruspoli.


Illuminated inventor who is haunted by the knowledge he holds within: Identifying dark creatures even when masked, creating mystic tools, scrying the future from his nightmares, sensing when dark magics have been used in an area, creating tools to use against dark creatures on the fly, knowing seemingly impossible to know facts about scary things

Revered eldery associate of the Vatican city: knowing powerful clergy members, can call upon local clergy for assistance, deep knowledge of churchly organization, in depth knowledge of religious matters, knowing the back alleys of Rome like the back of his hand, having friends in high places, having friends in questionable places, getting a free room at out of the way hotel because ‘the owner and him go way back’

Greecian fisherman: Knowing the best fishing area, can handle a small boat, scanning the skyline and foretelling the weather, fish lore, telling of tall tales of fishy goodness



I selected this image on a random google search for old man portraits because I wanted an older fellow that had the right eyes. 😉 Pavlonious has seen some serious crap in his life, including the murder of his own father and brother as a young age, and has been forced to live a pretty rough life. His eyes needed to capture that feeling of hopelessness, loss, and above all a look of caring.

Not really sure where the first name came from, just pulled it out of nowhere. The last name I plucked (and messed with a little) from a list of Greek names I found online. There was a Callinicus of Heliopolis who was a chemist in Greek history who is the supposed inventor of Greek fire! How cool is that??? So I figured this was a cool way to put a little ‘easter egg’ in the game and tie it to something from the real world.

When I first started work on Pavlonious I had originally wanted him to be Russian, I just thought a Russian felt right, but then I got to thinking that a Russian was a bit too cliché…ironic eh? So I opted for something I thought a little bit less common (course I have been watching the TV show Spartacus and that could have influenced me as well) and went with a Greek fellow. I am really starting to dig the religious connections I am creating and want to continue to grow this in the setting, so I created the Papal Office of Inquisitive Studies of Extraplanar Entities. I figure this is sort of a special group of scientist/warrior monks that fight evil and darkness, I picture them as “Men in Black” that use the tools Pavlonius creates to help local, and remove dark entities.

In a weird bit of coincidence, I was looking up Holy Name Cathedral for this entry and I discovered that it was used in a series of novels about a fictional character named, of all things, Father John BLACKWOOD Ryan. Wtf????? Seriously weird.


2 thoughts on “Pavlonius Kallinicus, Blackwood Invenire

  1. Yeah I was a bit shocked when I discovered that. Not really sure where I got the name blackwood, perhaps I had seen these books ages ago and subconsciously pulled the name from there. Glad you are enjoying it, I am having a great time making it. Hoping soon to get my two players going…GMing tends to get my creative juices really flowing.

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