William H. Fullerton, Chicago City Detective

Young and vibrant, William is a shining example of a young professional in Chicago. William is always finely dressed with a silver pocket watch dangling from his right breast pocket. Though a stern look is commonly found upon his face, he often has a crowd of people around him.

William H. Fullerton is the only son of the local cattle magnate who was offered the throne to his family’s fortune and walked away. Joining the Chicago Police force in an act of defiance and was surprised, as was everyone, that he had found his niche. Rising quickly in the ranks and landing at the rank of captain he was able to start delving into some of the more mysterious and closed cases. He had some early successes in hopeless cases, causing his name and face to be plastered across the newspapers. In a matter of months his name was a household name and he was the toast of the town. He was toasted as the shining star of the Chicago Police Force and shown around town in a bit of media blitz to the newspapers and society dinner parties, an appointment he did not much care for.

Decorated and energetic police detective out for cold, hard facts (4)
Debonair but able to intimidate with a single glance stare (3)
Relations with a millionaire magnate (3)

William keeps a small derringer inside his coat in the pocket opposite the pocket watch, though you would never know it because he never lets anyone close enough.

Commissioner David Henry Thoreau, the chief of police of Chicago.


Decorated, young, energetic, and debonair police detective: Able to pull rank on other officers, running after criminals, getting his way with the ladies, having a face everyone recognizes, rallying the troops, having skills beyond his age, bending people to his way with just his name, can throw down with the best of them

Able to intimidate with a single glance of his cold, hard stare: breaking someone’s willpower, getting the truth out of a criminal, interrogating people, convince people to change their ways,staring people down and getting his way,  causing the bad guys to surrender with a look

Connected to a millionaire industry magnate: socializing, attracting the ladies, calling in a favor, getting his way because of relations,  never having an empty bank account, always looking his best



I selected this image because I wanted a young, but prim and proper tight wad sort of image. I wanted a hard, nose to the grindstone, all seriousness sort of image…that is Fullerton. This guy just spoke to me, that cold, hard stare that bores down into you; he can sense the truth with a simple look. I think this guy could walk up to you, beat you down without you throwing a punch, then walk off and have a martini with the hottest babe in the joint.

I picked the name Fullerton due to the similarity to the name Pinkerton, which if you know anything about history should immediately conjure up a certain image from the old American west. Plus for some reason the name makes me think of Kurt Russell’s portrayal of Wyatt Earp in Tombstone.

After my last few characters, all connected to the church in some fashion, I wanted to go a different direction and the police force seemed like the logical choice for the setting. I decided to go with a search of photos on Google and discovered this one, sort of pulled me in with those eyes. Along with the church, I want the players to have it in their minds that they are working with the police in solving these mysteries and so an NPC who is on the police force was a natural leap for my list of characters. I selected a detective because it would offer the obvious police connection with allowing the freedom a detective might have in pursuing cases. Additionally, the idea of having him a wealthy kid that turned his back on his family is a good add-in that could have implications down the road.


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