Spartacus: Blood and Sand

I started watching Spartacus: Blood and Sand just because of my fondness of the Gladiator film, and wow I am I glad I did. I have been blown away by this awesome TV show, my personal favorite this spring.  This is a masterpiece of style and story. It simply looks amazing, harsh at time, beautiful at others, bloody, revolting, and unmatchable in its ability to show you how life may have been in the times of the Roman empire. And the story, you ask? I think every week I have been blown away, they continue to showcase the twists and turns, backstabbing, conniving, and evil of purpose of the people in this show. The show has a very stylized appearance, some a bit over the top and clearly not realistic, but I think this is a stylistic reference to get us, the modern viewer, into the right mindset and feel of the Roman times. Was it THIS sexual? I doubt it. Was it this bloody? I doubt it. But man, oh man, does it work for the show. The blood, gore, sex, nudity all add to the feel and style of this show…and it just works.

One thing I should add before you go and watch this: The show contains extreme graphic violence, nudity (all the time), and sexuality at near porn levels. The show has been rated TV-MA for graphic violence, strong sexual content, and major profanity. Now you know, be prepared. 🙂

Andy Whitfield plays Spartacus and does a great job portraying the gladiator with a heart for his lost wife and past life. He and the other gladiators are truly masters of the human physical ability are massive monsters of muscle and form. John Hannah stars Quintus Lentulus Batiatus and I think is the serious breakout star of the show, you will know the actor as the nerdy, bumbling brother from the Mummy movies, but odds are you will be shocked at him in the series. Evil and calculating, you will never see his evil plots until his dagger is sticking out of your belly and a sly grin is upon your face. The events during the “Delicate Things” episode really left me floored, I never saw his planned actions coming and I actually gasped when his plans were revealed. What a bastard, I wanted to kill him. Viva Bianca as Ilithyia has done a great performance as well, the events of “Whore” really put her character in a new light and I wonder how her feelings on Spartacus will be changed. Definitely something to watch.

Another stand out star of the show is Lucy Lawless as Lucretia, Batiatus’ wife…and oh my, what a bitch. In the beginning I thought she was a bit of a twit but as the show has continued she has really came into her own and is a true calculating bitch…and a perfect companion to her husband. She is equally evil and plotting and cares about nothing but her gladiator man-whore and her station in life. I really think she would throw her own mother under the bus to get ahead in life. The events of the episode “Whore” show her masterful control of events and working people to get what she wants, a stunning conclusion to the episode leaves her in a powerful position over those around her.

All in all, this show has quickly become my favorite I am watching and I highly recommend it. It is certainly a powerful show, filled with high dramatics, stylized action, and interesting twists and turns. If you are not already watching this show, you are seriously missing out!


3 thoughts on “Spartacus: Blood and Sand

  1. Have you seen HBO’s Rome? I am very, very fond of that show. The protagonists remind me of classic sword & sorcery heroes (flaws and all) and I really love how Rome is colorful, gritty, and (as for as gaming goes) inspirational. Yet another genre I’d like to get to…

  2. I don’t have HBO at home and I have only managed to catch one of the show, so I don’t think I can fairly judge it. It looked interesting but just did not grab me. Perhaps I shall try again. 😉

  3. Don’t have HBO either. We get all our TV on Netflix or the Intertubes. 🙂

    But Rome didn’t grab me for a few episodes. But I really fell in love with the two main characters (Lucius Vorenus and Titus Pullo). They are like the Felix and Oscar (or Fafhrd and Gray Mouser) of Roman soldiers.

    I also love how there is graffiti everywhere. Typically, in Roman movies all the building look like DC Mall (all white and shiny). Not at all how they really were.

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