Inspired by the movie trailer Kick-Ass, Bryan opted to throw together an impromptu Risus game. John, Brennen, and I threw together completely insane ‘super’ heroes. None of us are familiar with the graphic novel and the movie is not out yet, so with just the trailer to base our game concept on, we went with “Normal joes with no super powers decide to stand up and fight crime!”

Below is my character, I found the image on the which as Brennen described to me is “a cool site with pictures of people at conventions dressed up” which translates as “weirdos in costumes with an occasional hot chick trying to be some anime character”. Cool, perfect for the strangeness that would ensue.

Angelina Pitt  “Pittfall”  (Not Naked Girl)

A Teen Drama Queen Band Geek who can KICK-ASS with her dual clarinets(4)
Never fully dressed and can use it to her advantage(4)
A dreamer who thinks that she the bastard child of John Woo and an Anime character(2)


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