Risus: Naked babes in BBQ Sauce!*

* catchy title, eh?

We played our first session of Risus Supers! tonight and as can be expected when Brennen, Bryan, John and I got together it did not take long for us to get into prime gaming melodrama with twisted ideas, scenes that should not be spoken of again, and truly tasteless acts that we are all too embarrassed to retell.

…so, yeah, I will tell you what happened…

Bryan ran use through a pretty much on the fly Risus Supers! game. The game takes place in Memphis so we took advantage of the massive (and ridiculous) pyramid there. Literally. A huge glass pyramid on the edge of town next to the river. We placed the ultra bad dude, BigWig, having his HQ there and us needing a way in. Brennen used his character’s Insecure Barbecue Chef moonlighting as a graphic arts student (1) to produce an intoxicating BBQ sauce that induces sleepiness instantly followed by the need to crap ones self. Wonderful. 😀

The plan was that I would wear the sauce…and nothing else…in strategic spots. Enabling us to slip into the pyramid’s via the private lounge of Bigwig posing as BBQ delivery folks. I used Pitfall’s Never fully dressed and can use it to her advantage(4) cliché to easily swindle our way into the club (and getting all the guards on the way to pass out thanks to Dr Hoodoo’s sleeping BBQ sauce).  We managed to subdue all but three, one John hypnotized and told him to go away, providing him with a post hypnotic suggestion (great idea for a later game session John!). Another I took out with a display of bad role-playing/porn attack and smothered the guy with BBQ sauce from a certain area on my body I do not want to mention. Personally, I took it an inch too far I think…reaching that sort of uncomfortable RPGing zone. I will blame it on sleepiness and the three Smirnoff Ice (Green Apple if you need to know) I drank during the game. Either way, bad form snik, bad form.

I was not quite feeling it and so I decided to step up the game a little and pulled out a pistol and blasted a guy at point blank in the head. One less villain in the world. This was an attempt by me to sort of add a certain feeling to the game: that we were not Marvel heroes, but something darker, more gritty. Did it work? Eh, I don’t really think so, think I sort of surprised John actually. That ended the action and we scanned the room, realizing to late that the one guy we let go was actually the guy we were looking for! Damn evil GM!

We decided to end this ‘issue’ of our adventure for now and continue on with some other games we have on our list.

An now my wrap-up.
I have to say, my love/hate relationship with Risus continues without abatement. I was seriously looking forward to tonight’s game, and yet when we were finished I had
that feeling. The one you get when you go to the movie you have been waiting for a year to see, you finally see it and when it is over you are left with a “Ho hum” feeling. I get that every time I play Risus games! Like the hype just doesn’t live up to the actual game. I am certain this was not Bryan’s fault as I think his little adventure was actually pretty good, he rolled well with our outlandish ideas, and was still able to throw in good twisted on the fly to keep it interesting.

Then again, we had all had a hard week, let’s just blame it on that.


5 thoughts on “Risus: Naked babes in BBQ Sauce!*

  1. I’m going to chime in with my opinion that Risus did exactly what it was designed to do: support over-the-top, light-hearted play. I don’t think that’s I’m after in a roleplaying game, but it was just right for a one-shot.

    Worst-case scenario is that we showed up (which is important when you’re trying to keep a group together), and exercised our creative muscles.

  2. Oh yes I agree, Risus performed perfectly. I think this latest ‘fail’ is probably more linked to my feeling that I need to play/run a campaign…something with a little longevity.

  3. As a player, you shouldn’t invest too many expectations into Risus. With a good GM (as I’m sure you friend is), Risus is going to feel fairly similar to most other rules-lite games. Where you are really going to feel the difference is on the other side of the screen. Risus is a whole ‘nother animal. As your Blackwood stuff shows, I think you get that.

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