Operation: Stinger Killer

Spring has sprung here and we are now realizing that stinging insects (wasps, bees, hornets, etc) are abundant around where we bought our new house. I think I killed upwards of ten this morning while we sat on our deck. Certainly not an epidemic, but about nine too many for me. I hate the buggers. Stinging is additionally bad but the thing that really bugs me is buzzing. Any sort of buzzing, flying insect just freak me out and I immediately begin concocting a plane to bring death upon all things with wings and no feathers. The one to the left seems to be the predominate criminal I have seen and killed thus far. (there was a bumblebee yesterday that was bigger than my thumb…holy crap!)

So today I set about my operation and began by scouring the net for ideas on homemade machines of death. One that seemed very simple and effect, yet readily available was one using a coke bottle and some soapy, sugary water. Simple….they say effective, and I can make it today without going out. I quickly made a trap from a coke bottle and added in the ingredients to make a yummy, but deadly trap. To this I added a little orange juice as a few sites suggested adding this to attract bees, flies and/or hornets as well. Hell, the more dead things in it when i check tomorrow, the happier I will be.

Here is my trap, like silent death waiting for it’s first victims. The gapping jaw waiting to snap shut on the unsuspecting stupid insect! How it works: Apparently bugs are dumb (duh!) and attracted by the sweet smelling yumminess inside, they swarm around, hunting for a way in. Eventually they find it and fly down the channel to the open area below. Suddenly finding they have no place to land they get a weetad frantic and buzz about, hunting for an exit…all the time missing the one they came down. Remember I said they are stupid. Eventually in their search they will accidentally touch the water, normally they can touch and buzz off without a problem. This water has been treated with soapy detergent which somehow messes with their ability to fly and plop! into the water they go. Here they meet a watery death amid they yummie goodness of the sweet but deadly nectar.

I will updated my post with details and with any luck, a death toll!


2 thoughts on “Operation: Stinger Killer

  1. LOL I forgot and never responded to this! I ended up getting 5 or 6, not nearly the death toll I was hoping for. If you read my later posts about building bird houses, that is the new Operation: Stinger Killer!

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