Dungeonslayers: The Continent

I was talking with Brennen (jeez his name comes up often on here doesn’t it?) and I mentioned I wanted to get a rough idea about the town and the world around it. I thought this would provide me with a fuzzy mental image that I could build upon in game play. I wanted a sketch of the world, not an in depth write-up of the world that would later strangle me and force my creativity into a corner.

Work and real life set in. I had to return to work and of course, I got massively busy. Wait, let me back up. Monday night my little daughter asked me to open some Easter candy and I chipped a tooth. Damn it. Off to the dentist. So I am sitting there with about twenty minutes to do nothing but either watch “The View” (God help me) or stare at a wall.

I pick gaming.

I pulled out my little green book (if you are in the army, you know exactly what I am speaking of) and doodle up a quick map of a large continent with a rough idea of where the equator and the lines of latitude would line up. I pulled out my iPhone and located a map to roughly help me define a good idea of where they should line up on my world. When I finished, I studied the map for an area that could be a frontier, an area that is still being explored, yet provide me with an area that can be away from the civilized world and offer me a bit of wilderness. I decided upon the peninsula on the top left of the continent, see below:

Looking at the continent now, I can see the mid-western coastal portion being civilized and that now the population is spreading and starting to explore the rest of the continent. Perhaps they have spread east and south, cutting down the jungles to the south and heading west into the towering mountainous jungles similar to the wilds of the Brazil and Malaysia. Either way, I will leave this extremely rough and sketchy in case I later decide to develop this area. As you can tell from the above map, I am aiming for a very rough and ill-defined gaming area.

Up next: The Peninsula!


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