Dungeonslayers: The Peninsula

Now that I had an area to run my game in, I needed to flesh it out slightly. While sitting at the dentist, I threw together this map:

Can you feel the old school goodness in that map?

No doubt a tad bland, but perhaps we will work on that during play.

I decided upon the peninsula for a couple of reasons. First is that by it shape it is tailor made for being a frontier. People have come to the land by way of the sea and have settled upon the outer edges, but the interior is still wild and unexplored. The shape and location in the world allows me as a GM to add in climate as a major character in the setting. The cold can land lock the region in the dead of winter, great for producing that feeling of remoteness . I can limit the amount of light due to the changing of the seasons, introducing a fair amount of gloom and doom into the setting.

Additionally, the shape allows the players to have a choice in where the adventure heads. We can jump upon the ocean for a pirate game, perhaps unknown raiders can come upon the shore and pillage, maybe goblin tribes from the wilds can pour out of the peninsula’s interior, a host of cold weather adventures (caves, mountains, frozen palaces), and of course the urban adventures.

The second reason I selected the peninsula was the environment. Looking at my map, and looking at a real world map, the area look like Washington state could line up roughly. A quick scouring of the internet (gotta love Google!) produces some photos of Washington state that match up with the area I am envisioning in my head. These rough coasts are lined with thick forests and provide tons of RPGing opportunities. Lots of places to explore.

I want tons of forests to explore and valleys and mountains to offer up a multitude of RPGing options. I want a variety of climates as well, cold winters, mild summers, strong storms, etc. All those can add up to great variety and opportunity for a wide scope of adventures.

So with this area set, now I am ready to start work on developing some of these areas for use later. The first area I want to focus on is the town we will be basing our adventure out of: Goblin’s Gulch!


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