Dungeonslayers: Where’s is Goblin’s Gulch?

Now I have the area around where my games will take place, wide ranging wildernesses to be explored, mountain ranges to climb, ragged coasts to sail down. Next step is to drop a town somewhere to put our adventurers in the world and begin building from there.

eenie meenie miney moe…

How’s about…..

Can you feel how much I am winging this?  🙂

The name? Brennen (damn it! there he is again!) gave me a great name, Goblin’s Gulch, so I decided to use it. Sounds vaguely western, with a touch of fantasy (goblins…get it?) and thus just about perfect for my needs.

The Location? Near mountains. Near forest. Not too far from the coast. Loads of gaming potential. If this is the frontier, this allows me to have a huge amount of land still unexplored farther north. Sounds like the place for me. The mountains are important because I plan on having mining as a major element in the area.I expect this region will have loads of mineral wealth, probably gold and silver, that is being mined by prospectors and miners. Yes, dwarfs are excellent miners here too. Additionally, as this is frontier and open range, goblin tribes roam freely and cause numerous problems for the locals.

Ok, ok. I made all that up. I closed my eyes and pointed at the screen. Really. I did. All that stuff I said previously, justifying why I picked there?

Total bullshit. Made all that up.

Sounded good though, eh?

Some more details we worked out today:

Thunderhead Mountain. Thunderhead Mountain is a massive mountain directly north of town and is the focus of turf wars over many mining claims. Strange stories abound regarding odd occurrences that happen the higher up you travel on the mountain. Locals avoid the area and will spin a yarn on strange tales of the area.

(Above  is a view along the trail leading from Goblin’s Gulch up the mining trails toward the mountain.)

“Nah…not the gobs ya havta worry about.  Once you’re above the treeline, ya won’t meet up with any of them…keep yer eye out fer theOthers.”  – Jonah Williamson, local dwarven prospector

(on a side note, thanks to Brennen and John for all the great ideas last night while I was working on this)


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