Dungeonslayers: Goblin’s Gulch

Before I headed to the field we were able to get one game under our belt, beginning our campaign in the town of Goblin’s Gulch, a small outpost mining town deep in the mountains. I am shooting for something based on the many old west towns you will find a Clint Eastwood film such as Pale Rider. I knew we would not be spending too much time in the town (and I still wanted to allow myself with ample wiggle room for creative inspiration) so I developed only a few locations and townspeople.


The Bag of Bones. Local watering hole owned by Ray Winstone, a rather pudgey dwarf with a shiny bald head and flame red beard. Winstone had his bar specially made with a hidden ledge for him to stand upon while running the bar. Four girls do routines every night for the men on a hastily built stage (the left side is clearly showing signs of collapsing) and later handle the men in upstairs room for additional coin. Ray also keeps a young gob adoptee that is extremely slow and sort of the butt of every joke. He is named Gobler, he sweeps and cleans up messes around the establishment.

The Blackthorn Depot. This general store serves as the primary vendor of goods in town, there are other smaller shops (such as the one in The Palace) but the Depot is where you can get , or order, anything. The proprietor is Mister Elm a tall lanky fellow of middle age with thin rim glasses.

The Painted Lady. Brothel, gambling hall, pub, and hotel all rolled into one. Ran by Olivar McHenry, an old and scruffy human who always has a tale to tell. He seems able to hear anything and everything that goes on in his establishment. He treats his ladies decent and keeps them clean, doesn’t allow anyone to rough them up too much. A scruffy, rough-around-the-edges and large local named Borger serves as the bouncer.  Lizzy is one of the serving wenches who has a little attraction to Batu.


Salvatore “Sally Six-Toes” Messina. Sally, or as he prefers Sal, can often be found sitting at his table at the Bag of Bones. It is from here that he works his deals and favors. A man of questionable behavior, it is said he has six toes because he sold his own toes to a local gobber to save his ass. Ever the master of wheeling and dealing, people owe him for favors throughout the town.

Lenny. Lenny is a small and seedy looking human, least we think he is human…some say he is the bastard offspring of a whore who was raped by a gobber out on the prarie and taken in by some kindhearted person. Whatever the case, he isn’t talking about it. He wheels and deals out of the Painted Lady and has a table near the back where he runs a game of poker or knucklebones. He deals in escorts, buys gold and silver ore, makes arrangements for people who want no questions or ties back to them, and is generally a ‘go to guy’ for a slew of things. Lenny is everyone’s friend…minus six-toes, the two have never gotten along.


4 thoughts on “Dungeonslayers: Goblin’s Gulch

  1. Makes me wish I was running Silverlode again. I hope you guys are able to keep this up. I really want to see where you go with this.

    I think dungeon crawling and westerns are a great combo. Culturally, the Mythical Old West always seemed to better represent settings where diverse parties of adventures explore a hostile-infested wilderness from a home base seemingly built to support their efforts.

    1. Thanks! Ww had to take a break due to my work but I am about half way done drawing up an old school dungeon using the old pencil and ink method, using some graphic paper proved on the Dungeonslayers’ German site. When we are done going through it I will clean it ip in Fireworks and post it for everyone.
      I am also hoping to draw up an old school map of Goblin’s Gulch this weekend, got to mow my huge yard though….we will see. 😉

    1. Thanks for stopping by! We talked about using guns but agreed we didn’t want to. I think it seemed to cross the fantasy and western line a bit too far so we decided to use western themes more so than the equipment. I have a couple westerns saved on my DVR to watch this weekend to keep me in the right mood (deadwood, pale rider, 3:10 to Yuma). I plan on drawing up a few NPCs and locations based on the movies…to get just the right feel.

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