Dungeonslayers: Goblin’s Gulch(map)

As luck would have it, Tennessee flooded this week and for some reason that I cannot yet understand my Army post closed for the day, enabling me to have a few hours to finish work on my city map of Golbin’s Gulch. I hand drew the map, scanned it, then finished it up in fireworks. I wanted a sort of old school/old fashioned feel to it. I spent maybe two hours working on it, not too long (I am still in my ‘loving low-prep mode’ at the moment) and I think it turned out ok, so I am pretty pleased with it.

The map sits orientated to the north with two small rivers coming in from the north and west, meeting in the middle of town. Three roads meet at the town. From the east is the road to Frisco Bay, heading south out of town is the road to the large city of Resolution, and a small road (a trail really) heads northwest out of town leading to Thunderhead Mountain and numerous mining claims.

A few large ranches sit at the edge of town. About 40 homes/businesses are scattered throughout the town, all made of wood and with about half being two story.

Along the road to Frisco Bay is a small collection of tents that are home to displaced elven refugees known as the jaffi from the conflicts to the south. The jaffi in town do low paying job such as laundry, cleaning out stables, and any other low paying but high demand job that the townspeople can make them suffer with.

for some details on the city, see my earlier post


7 thoughts on “Dungeonslayers: Goblin’s Gulch(map)

  1. I was thinking more in terms of the Chinese that were brought over during the old west to do work (much along the railroads and such). If you watch Deadwood, you will know what I am talking about. So I would not say they are ‘indians’ or anything, but more likely refugees from another country that were displaced and came to this area to escape some greater evil and were forced into a live of poverty. I will see if I can draw up something (I am not a great artist though) or wrangle up Brennen to do something for me when he gets done with his big project.

    1. Yeah, you are dead on. I am thinking of stealing that style for the jaffi’s look. Plus their way of having strong family bonds, unique cooking, and a few other things would fit nicely an make the jaffi unique elves.

    1. Honestly not given it that much thought. I would say they certainly could have a deep and rich culture…but these poor souls are refugees (and some slaves) and thus beaten and defeated. In all honesty I mentioned them completely on the fly without too much thought as to their details.

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