Dungeonslayers: The Hidden Tomb of Kadota

The Hidden Tomb of Kadota

A small and ancient tomb of a long forgotten lord of the land, hidden among the hills surrounding Goblin’s Gulch. The tomb was emptied ages ago and brigands have found their way into the dark halls, using them as a homebase for their raids and thievery.

click image for a larger version of the map

I worked on a dungeon for my Dungeonslayers campaign. This was a dungeon I started in game and generated on the fly. During the game we only managed to get through a few rooms, so I decided to take what we had started and finish up the map. I am still working with my ‘I love low-prep’ mode and thus I am tackling these latest maps from a freeform drawing method. As before, this map was drawn by hand on paper (I used the very cool Dungeonslayers supplement Karographen Pack (their German language site)), scanned it and manipulated it in Fireworks). I did the map up in a style to mimic as if the map might actually be handed to the characters like this, with little notes about sections of the tomb, etc. I feel like the top portion of the map is a little devoid of the obligatory ‘cool stuff for the DM’ that most maps have, but hey, we will just say I left it empty so GMs can add in their own cool stuff. 😉


2 thoughts on “Dungeonslayers: The Hidden Tomb of Kadota

  1. This rocks. More please!

    Seriously, I love this style of dungeon. No need for a key, just a cool layout and brief comments on the map. Total bonus points for making it look so good. I hope to do a few of these when my schedule frees up… but my image-doctoring foo is not quite so strong.

    1. Thanks! I certainly plan on making more maps like this. Next thing I plan are some taverns/pubs, and I plan on doing the same thing with little bits of information on it and just a see paragraph or so worth of ‘fleshing out’.

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