My kid, the Dungeon Designer!

Earlier this month I drew a few maps and my daughter, who just turned 10, caught me drawing them. When she asked me about them, I showed her how I drew the map, then used the computer to spice the maps up and make them ‘awesome!’ as she described it.  I printed out a page from the Dungeonslayers supplement Karographen Pack that I had used and let her run wild. A day later she came back to me with the following dungeon.

This is a straight scan, with no manipulation. Frankly, I think this is very cool for a very first attempt and only having looked at my maps maybe three or four times. She has not really been exposed to RPGs really, so any mapping influence thoughts can go right out the window, she has had none.

I will say that she is hugely artistic, and a way better artist than I am. She is also exploding with creativity and can find something artistic out of anything laying around the house. Amazing really. I fully expect her to grow up and end up doing something in the capacity of art somewhere.

She plans on coloring this dungeon, and I plan on doing my own version and posting it here soon. If she finished it, I will post it as well.    <<click the thumbnail for a larger version >>


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