Barbarians of Lemuria, First Session

It has been a few weeks now since I was last able to get in a game with my regular group (barring the PBeMs I am in/running) and in a bit of inspiration, or insanity, I sent out an email earlier this week. “I am running Barbarians of Lemuria, who wants in?” All responded they were in and we added a friend from a few years ago to the group, giving us a solid four players with me running the game. The players came up with some interesting characters and we met up yesterday to try out this game new to us. I had a great time using this system for the first time and I think the players did as well.

GM notes: I went into this game with nearly zero prep. I knew they would start in the sewers with no gear. I also planned for them being trapped somehow in a room with an urgent need to escape, I wanted a large statue that actually served as a column and held up the ceiling to be involved, with the players causing it to collapse and bring the ceiling down. This would reveal a way out and a segue way to the next adventure….

I wanted to get this one a bit dirty and gritty so I threw the group into a nasty sewer and stripped them to their skivvies, stealing all their items, weapons, and even clothes. I dropped an NPC and the last player in through a trap door in the ‘too high to reach’ ceiling. A bit of time was spent with the players feeling out the other characters, building up the fact that two are previously connected, and realizing that the NPC had some bad blood between him and the one, now bare-breasted, female in the group. A roar ripped through the sewers and startled everyone, including the NPC who suddenly had his head removed by a sneaky lizard. The group proceeded to run through the tunnels looking for an escape.

After some turns, they came to a dead end and the witch in the group opted to stand and  face the lizard enemy. Her weapon of choice…what she had nearby….which happened to be lizard poop. Yep, lizard poop. The spell failed and resulted in a large poop bomb exploding in their faces. Great humor was had by all. Resourceful and silly, that’s how I like my players. A hasty chase through the tunnels ensued.

The group continued and ended up trapped in a roundish room containing statues and one massive one in the center of the room. They used  hero Point (not used completely in the correct manner per the rules…oops) to raise and lower the gate and save themselves from the now acid-spitting lizards that had caught up with them. The acid was starting to crumble the large statue and at that point the ceiling began to crack. In a bit of desperation another spell was cast and the acid blood in the lizards boiled and burst their bodies in a cloud of goo and acid. Gross and effective, the perfect mood I was looking for.

The statued collapsed, as did the ceiling, revealing a large gapping hole. After the dust cleared, young, sexy, and scantily clad virgins peered over the edge onto our hapless adventurers!

I think I railroaded the entire adventure, but the players said they never really got that feeling, so either they are being nice 🙂 or I must be doing something right. In play, I really like the system, the magic especially. It is fluid and open ended and allows a huge amount of creativity. I think it could get a bit old for straight melee guys, but with the players I have…..that will never happen. 😀

We are planning a few more sessions to really give the rules and setting a go and see how we like the game for long term play.


6 thoughts on “Barbarians of Lemuria, First Session

  1. I recently ran my first BoL scenario – actually it was damn similar to yours: pcs thrown together in the dungeons, encounters wih guards and acid spitting nasties and an escape through the crumbling roof into the bathing area of the nubile priestesses’ bath chambers.
    Sounds like you had a great game- have you come across the “lords of lemuria” forums? Very good stuff

  2. LOL You caught me. I had read your blog a few weeks ago and I I totally stole your game idea about starting in a prison/dungeon. I remembered reading the starting in a dungeon part of your blog (located here for those interested: but had totally forgotten about the rest. I guess I subconsciously stole pretty much your whole damn game! How I got acid spitting lizards ((I actually was worried my players would go “Oh lord he ripped that straight from ‘Aliens!’)) from your acid spitting slug thingie.
    Crap, now my players are going to wonder about me!

    1. I’ll ask my players. And if Brennen will let me post it, he created a very cool character sheet for us to use, I’ll see if we can get that posted as well.

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