Barbarians of Lemuria, Second Session

I ran my second session this last Thursday and we picked up right where we left off: our heroes had collapsed a ceiling that led to a room full of vestal virgins in some temple complex. This session contained much more magic than the previous one, with players throwing magic around nearly every ‘turn’. The usual players were back, with one having some technological issues that kept him from joining the game.

The heroes climbed up and our resident female vampire immediately set the tone for the evening by grabbing one of these virgins and ripping into her throat to suck blood….the group was a little shocked I think. A guard in the room ran for reinforcements while the other stood his ground. The witch-hunter in the group pulled the girl away, only to watch her limp body slide in the hole in the floor and disappear into the dungeons below. A scuffle with the guard ended with a second virgin impaled on a column…and yes the vamp sucking her too…guess she was thirsty.

More guards could be seen coming towards the room and the group came together, working a spell that should have caused anyone crossing a glyph to “experience their worst combat wound.” The spell failed and instead caused anyone crossing the glyph to mutate into a Grendelesque monstrosity and soon the guard had become more of a threat than before. Realizing this could be a mistake, another spell was cast and a fire erupted inside the mutated guard’s mouth to great effect. Bryan stepped through the glyph safely (it only worked one way and I was seriously hoping a player would test it here, alas they did not, I guess they know me well enough) and threatened the coming guards with the same treatment if they did not let the group pass. They believed him and retreated from whence they came.

Travelling a little farther, the group came to a set of doors, and upon opening it discovered a very large cow blocking their way. The room was extremely tall, perhaps 100 feet, though not very large at about twenty by twenty. A huge tapestry, blood red with a black symbol of two snakes twisting together and facing each other, hung from the ceiling to the floor on the opposite wall from them. Numerous ropes hung from the ceiling and dropped to the floor about the room. As said, before them was a huge cow and on the opposite site was a large muscular man holding a large axe and about to sacrifice the cow to some god. A quick spear thrown into the cows head and it feel on top of the poor executioner. The crew did a quick interview with the dying man, learning that the ceremony was a sacrifice to the god Zylidith. What followed was the discovery of the floor being an elevator that can be raised to a balcony above. On the balcony the players brawled with a few baddies and managed to kill three of them before (what appears to be) a main baddie escaping.

I think the game went well and the players seemed to enjoy it, magic seems to be a bit powerful, though fun, in it’s application during the game. I very much am enjoying the system, the careers are a very neat way to cover a wide range of tasks with ease.


2 thoughts on “Barbarians of Lemuria, Second Session

  1. Yeah I agree, in the literature this game is based upon, magic is always powerful, though I think it is a little more rare than it has been in our game. Either way though, it has been big fun. Now that I bought Dogs of W.A.R. I cannot wait to see how it plays out with big gun battles!

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