The Works of Snikle

Over the course of years I have created numerous works, some writing, some role-playing, some maps and I have finished nearly none of them….I guess it is my ADD or something. I find something interesting, and I grab on with full force and start creating, then **BRIGHT LIGHT** and I look elsewhere and the urge to create moves to another target.

So this weekend I was wandering about my hard drive and discovered a good many of these half finished games and one third written stories. A thought occurred to me that I could throw these up on my rarely updated blog and who knows, someone might find these interesting.

So starting tomorrow I will start posting these not completed works, first up will be “Devil Dogs” an attempt at a quick combat based game inspired by my time in Iraq.


3 thoughts on “The Works of Snikle

  1. I literally have megs of half completed stuff, some of it is simply a few ideas in a Word document, others are pages of stuff. So just remember when reading them, they are not complete and you won’t be let down. 😉

    Love to see what you got as well, the stuff you post on your blog is very cool and inspiring.

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