Half Completed Works: Devil Dogs

First up in my Half Completed Works series is “Devil Dogs”. A quick and almost barely there attempt at a game based on my time in Iraq with the Army. It is simple, contains a simple and quick mechanic, and is really not much there. 😉

It does contain an example of an encounter and goes through the motions of how the resolution would work, though in the actual text it does not go in to as much depth. I created this around the time I was running a game of 3:16 Carnage Among the Stars and I was really wanting a similar game without all the added elements present in it. I wanted a straight forward, traditionally styled, hack n’ slash combat game where I could live out modern combat and kill me some damn insurgents.

((click the image to download the pdf))

Course, that never happened because I am unable to focus…


2 thoughts on “Half Completed Works: Devil Dogs

  1. Would have been interesting to see where this was going. I remember playing one session of Recon back in my extreme youth, but I’ve still never got how to really make modern warfare game fun. Then again, I may be lacking some critical real-life experience. I get a tiny smidgeon of this second hand through my job (defense contractor), but it’s not the same. The combination of military bureaucracy and indiscriminate weaponry seems to leave me cold.

    (Then again, some of the stories from the special forces guys that I interact with… well, maybe there is a game there)

    Anyway, keep up the hard-drive dump. I’m very interested to see what else you have there.

  2. My actual idea with this was to expand it and make it have a paranormal angle to this, a sort of military cthulhu angle. I was envisioning a group of soldiers investigating dark creatures and doing combat with them to protect all of us…course, I never got that far. 😉

    Next up on the hard drive dump is:
    The Secret Ingredient in Granny Wilson’s Pies!

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