Half Completed Works: Granny Wilson’s Pies

The full title being “The Secret Ingredient in Granny Wilson’s Pies”, this was an adventure I worked on for a while for a Risus fantasy adventure I was planning on running a little over a year ago. It being Risus, I was going for a slightly silly feel with an adventure about pies, goblins that don’t hurt anyone in combat, and goblin princesses who fall in love with party members. I planned on mapping out a short dungeon to include in the adventure, but alas, that never came to pass and development stopped right before that section in the pdf so you will have to conjure up your own ideas of what the dungeon might have looked like.

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5 thoughts on “Half Completed Works: Granny Wilson’s Pies

  1. I really liked the setup you had for that game. I’m sorry I was never able to play. I do have my Risus character scheduled for tomorrow’s blog entry, however. Some character concepts are just too good to let go.

    1. It is interesting how many of players have commented (here to me at other times) how much they liked this game and wished we had continues it. Perhaps there is something here we need to explore….

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