Half Completed Works: Wasteland

Wasteland. What can I say about it? It is a project/dream/inspiration that I have had stuck in my head for probably a decade now. A post apocalyptic world with darkness where the players would struggle just to find food, ammo, water, and can barely survive. I have tried numerous times, and from varying angles, to  get this project going, but alas, it always seems to fail to gestate and coalesce to a solid creation.

At one point, I was able to generate a piece of solid work and it ended up being a short dramatic piece that was intended to be the opening piece for a later setting book that never materialized. Eh, seems to happen frequently with me.

I have a much more in depth and much longer story that delves into this world, but that will show up in a later segment of “Half Completed Works.”

<< click here to read the short story >>


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