Half Completed Works: Endurance, the town

Throughout my life I have struggled with an inner demon (besides the aforementioned ADD) I like to call “The Writer”. He is a bastard of a demon and resurfaces within me occasionally to encourage me to stop everything and try my hand at writing. This usually results in a half completed work that gets decent reviews from those I let take a gander at it. I have often used this writing as an excuse for my gaming, claiming that “gaming is an experiment to test out ideas I plan on using in ‘the’ novel” which never materializes. Today we have an example of this. I present to you, a document I produced mainly for myself, and then toyed with the idea of releasing for Risus players to use. It is incomplete (note the title of the post) and contains some half ideas, incomplete thoughts, and some silly ideas, including a page at the end with ideas for the never-to-see-the-light-of-day novel.

Click to download Endurance (pdf)


One thought on “Half Completed Works: Endurance, the town

  1. I struggle with that same bastard. The voice won’t stop until I write it down. Oddly enough, if I write it on paper it never makes it into the computer. The demon just wants it written. It doesn’t care about the medium but once it, it cares for the words no more.

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