Half Completed Works: Endurance, the story(ies), part one

Ah, having now posted the notes for the novel, I thought it might be fun to actually post ‘the novel(s)’. I actually wrote two stories, one of which no one has ever seen until now. I had envisioned writing a series of stories that introduced two characters which I named after my friends Trevor Croft(the man behind MapTools) and Keith Athey(a troll). Deciding the name Athey was a bit hard to speak/read, I later changed the character’s name to Call Meadows after a third friend of mine, named Bryan Meadows (Bryan seemed wrong for the part). I had been reading a few books by Robert B. Parker named Appaloosa which have a very distinctive, thin and dry style that I really liked. It presented books that were a quick, easy read, but still provided enough depth and excitement to hold your interest. As a side note, I have since read all the books in the series and they are very good I definitely recommend them.

So, I had this idea where my two heroes played a role, but I wanted them in the background and not the focus of the story, they would be major players in it, but not the main theme. So here I present to the Half Completed Novel:

A Simple Thing- mar09


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