Half Completed Works: Endurance, the story(ies), part two

A bit later, I found myself struggling with the story, and a thought occurred me that I was being to difficult. I needed to step away from this idea of producing a couple of stories with Croft and Athey/Meadows in the background and instead do what I really wanted…..write about them! Duh!

So, then I got inspired one night and churned out something like ten pages in one sitting and mapped out the major ideas to boot! Woohoooo! A record for me. Then, it happened.

I was struck by writer’s block. I was able to produce another 6 pages here and there, but then a bright light appeared in the sky and off I went on another tangent and off to other creative worlds…

So here, in all their glory, I present Mr Croft and Mr Meadows in the only adventure they will ever have….

Croft & Meadows-april09


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