Half Completed Works: inFeed

I am seriously addicted to role-playing games and it constantly causes to me reflect and switch ideas, theories and goals with the games I play. This has also lead to a huge amount of creative fuel spent on creating role-playing games. As I was returning from Iraq last year a friend showed me one of those social media websites called Friend Feed and I was stunned at how well it worked and, like clockwork, my mind instantly began devising how this tool could be used for gaming. Without the ability to roll dice or generate random numbers, I needed a simple set of rules that would still apply a structure to the game, but still work within the limitations of the media we were using.

What I came up with is, what I think, a pretty neat little system that could easily be adapted for on the fly gaming anywhere, at any time. It has some serious love for freeform story games with players vying for and assuming narrative control of the game using a neat mechanic using a guessed number by the GM and a margin of error to determine how well the player gets to resolve the scene as he wanted to to happen.

My goal was to get a few “Play by Post”, or more exactly, “Play by Feed” games going. I did get one going that lasted briefly. So, without further adieu, I give you inFeed!


2 thoughts on “Half Completed Works: inFeed

  1. If anyone is curious about how we actually used FriendFeed, we made use of its Group and reply-by-email features. Additionally, the ability to upload attachments including images was another huge facilitator. It’s mobile site was of great convenience as well.

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