Half Completed Works: MapTool 2.0 Mock-up

For those of you that do not know, I am friends with the guy behind MapTool and at one point I think he and I served each other as sort of a muse to each other’s creative demons. He inspired me on many a project, his unique and non-gamer point of view put me in the correct perspective more often than I like to admit. In return, I offered a gamer point of view on his development of MapTool, creating mock-ups, providing artwork (the current icons are all my design when I last looked) and general ideas of how to make things function better. One of my favorite parts of this was when he and I would speculate on what the next version of the program might look like. The next version, 2.0, was to be a total redesign of the GUI of the program, much time was to be devoted to making it look a certain way and increase functionality and ease of use.

I am one of those guys that do not want it to look like a program made by Microsoft, in fact I hate being reminded that I am in front of a computer and not sitting around a table. So one day, I went nuts and created a sort of light-hearted take on what I thought a virtual tabletop should look like. Would this really work for a vtt? I don’t know, but it sure would be a lot more fun to use that the Microsoft clones out there….

Click image for a larger version.

Please ignore the text in the chat box, I have no idea where that came from…..


2 thoughts on “Half Completed Works: MapTool 2.0 Mock-up

  1. Yeah, my thoughts exactly as well, alas, the users of MapTool thought something like this was not for them. Those who voiced their opinions were happy with it looking like a Microsoft program.

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