Half Completed Works: A Ruined Village

Started messing around today on a map, just playing around really. I have recently stumbled upon a style that is so old school that I just fell in love with it immediately, so I went down to Walgreens and snagged up a pad of graph paper and some of those new Sharpie Pens…only after messing around did I realize I have a scanner at home and no way here to scan anything!

Confound the gods!

In any case, I have a few maps to scan when I get home and have a chance to mess around a little.  I thought I would offer up a sneak peek at the latest map I am working on, a ruined village. This is sort of a proof of concept attempt to make sure I can do this, am happy with it, and want to make a handful of maps in this style. I took this with my iPhone while the map sat on the window sill…not ideal conditions at all, but hey, least you can see what I am working on, right?  😉

. click for a larger version .


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