Half Completed Works: s3 rules-lite RPG

s3…wow, how to start this?

Well, here goes.

Way back, now over a decade ago, I decided I wanted to make my own role-playing game…I know, you are surprised. I started working on one, now remember this is back around 1998, the internet was still in it’s infancy and there were not 500,000,000,000+ websites dedicated to this very task. I decided I wanted something a little simpler than I had been used to playing at that time, I think I was using AD&D and a little Star Frontiers at this time. Having played the super awesome Marvel Super Heroes game by TSR, I had been exposed to what a simple mechanical setup could do and how it could really free up the GM and players to JUST HAVE FUN MODE. So armed with that, I struggled forward….

While I no longer have the original version, various computer gremlins have conspired against me to steal it away to the ages, I do have a revised version I worked on around 2004-2005. This revised version has a bit more modern ‘indie’ ideas in it as by this time I was reading many more indie and rules-lite games available on the net. If you scroll to the end of the pdf, you will see a fantasy racial supplement that includes some races you may have never heard of: Ghim, Hobbin, and Kiskovean. These are races from my now-lost-to-the-ashes homebrew world of Sylnae.

My aim was to create my own system that I could use for my gaming, but also so I could produce stuff for my Sylnae world (and website) without worrying about copyrights and all that nonsense.  I playtested this game a few times, but could never garner enough interest in it to get a few friends (read: bastards!) to really sit down and play it.

It is weird reading it now, because I see many many pieces of other games in it, either produced prior to 2005 or even after that! I guess all of us gamers are all influenced by those before us and somehow we manage to conjure up the same ideas from the black based on preset notions instilled in us from those first games.

Click here to download the s3_1-1 rules, and here to download the s3-character-sheet.


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