A long weekend…and goodbye to a dear friend

I graduated from Quartermaster Senior Leaders Course on Thursday and high-tailed it home, making it there just an hour prior to my wife’s parents arriving. Arriving home was a mixed basket of feelings because while it was great to be home after six weeks of classes in Virginia, it also meant I had to face the reality that my favorite pet, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart  or Wolf(i)e as we call him, was dying.

He was the first thing my wife and I had gotten together after we got married, a birthday gift of $50 from my grandmother secured him for us and he has probably been the most stalwart and unwavering friend anyone in the world has ever known. Full of character, always looking for a little love to receive, a taste for a small cup of milk, enough personality for three humans, and always prepared to dish out more love than any single person could handle. He loved to sit with us while we watched TV or while we ate dinner. A few scratches on the wrapping of the Christmas presents always meant Wolfe had gone through and made sure the girls got what they asked for from Santa. Around Halloween, he would disappear, not a good thing for a black cat, we always worried some jerk teenager would find him, but the Wolfman always came back prior to the holiday and helped hand out treats from our witch’s cauldron. With a little attitude, he could make you smile or break your heart as he walked away and didn’t want to lay down and relax with you. He beat up an Akita once, boxing like Ali on his hinds legs, it was something amazing to see. All in all, he has been with us almost 15 and a half years and he really is part of our family.

Friday, he was barely eating, and merely fading in and out of sleep all day. I got up Saturday and he was sitting in our bathroom on a rug, an odd spot for him so I took him into the vet where I was told he had almost zero red blood cells and so much protein in his blood that the doctor didn’t think he had long. The culprit most likely cancer or kidney failure, at this stage, nothing could be done.  They of course wanted us to put him down, but we wanted to take him home, let the girls see him and then we would decide what to do. Upon getting him home he seemed a bit more chipper (I think this was because he wasn’t at the vet any longer) and so we let him wander about a bit and then helped him to our bed, where he slept away most of the rest of the day.

Around 1230 early Sunday morning, Wolfe struggled with his last breaths and passed away as I pet him. He now rests in my back yard, where a large tree will shade him from the sun and provide a nice place to remember the greatest cat that ever lived.

So here is to you buddy, I will love you and miss you always:

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

1994 –  2010

Son, Brother, and best friend to a family that will miss you forever.


4 thoughts on “A long weekend…and goodbye to a dear friend

  1. Wow, what a post! I am sorry for your loss, and I can definately relate to the character of pets. They indeed become one of the family, and enter into our hearts. I can’t tell you how many rogues my cat Pepper has inspired, or brutish ogres my dog Hershey has lent his character to.

    I say your decision to let your family member pass in peace was a good one. You showed a great deal of respect for Mozart by letting him be around family when it was time to go. For a vet, it is just a needle, for us, it is a lot more.

  2. I’m so sorry. Our cat is at least 18 and I know we’ll be facing her mortality at some point soon (even though she seems spry enough right now). It makes it all that much harder given that we have small children who have never had to say goodbye in that way.

    Anyway, I hope we can give her the dignity that you showed Wolfe.

  3. Thank you. He was a great cat and he will be missed, I have to say that when I first started writing this, a little voice inside my head said “Wow, people will think you are some sort of freak, all this for a cat?!” Wonderfully though, I have found I am in great company with numerous people coming up and telling me about similar stories about great friends they have had and lost.
    I am happy to report there seems to be a strong level of humanity and good will towards our furry little pals!
    Monkey, I hope she lives another 15 years! (I read somewhere the longest documented life for a feline was something like 33 years!)

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