Lapsus Calumni #1 – The town of Dorthurien

Long ago, in a much different time, I had a dream of being a writer. Through various means, the devil has managed to conspire against these dreams of mine. Recently I stumbled upon a few blogs that have really inspired me to take up my war against those who stop me from attaining this dream.

I drew a map a few weeks ago after perusing the Destination Unknown blog to sort of test out a style that is used there, and one that I really liked. Inspired by these and the ideas presented in another pair of blogs: Rustfoot & RisusMonkey, I was determined to finish this little project. I wrote up a very short bit of text to go along with the map, tied it in with my old homebrew D&D game world of Sylnae, and let my friend Brennen take a look at it for layout and design suggestions. What I ended up with is a mini-zine that I am hoping will become a regular piece here on the blog. I opted to name it after my blog because Lapsus Calumni, a slip of the pen, really describes very well what goes on here on the blog, and probably any zine I ever aspire to produce.

Here is a sneak peek of the text in the pdf:

“Good lord! Snik, would ye look there,” Fellion said from a few steps ahead. He had cleared the slight rise and his eyes had fallen on the small town of Dothurien. “The Black Pony holds no warmth for us tonight.”

“What do you mean? Miriam sent word…” Snikle Wiffleberry’s words were cut short as the town came into his view. He stopped so suddenly in his tracks that the trailing mule behind nearly knocked him over. “Gods, what happened?”

For those of you so inclined, I have included a larger version of the map, with and without labels of the map included in the first issue of Lapsus Calumni. I present the labeled map that Snikle himself made and labeled for me over a fine cup honey mead one evening during one of his too-brief appearances in my sitting room. As he described the scene to me he clearly became uneasy, and though he would deny it to his grave, I am certain I saw him wipe away a tear when I was looking away. He paused for a long moment before he abruptly ended his recount of the adventures he had with Fellion that day, claiming to not feel well and promising to return shortly to continue his tale.

Download issue number one of Lapsus Calmuni.


6 thoughts on “Lapsus Calumni #1 – The town of Dorthurien

  1. It’s always nice to feel the motivation and inspiration to write again, so I know what you’re saying!

    I believe the format and length is just perfect too; not too much text and information, and clear, uncluttered drawings.

    The story ended on exactly the right note; it’s the perfect spot for a DM to start on. Zombies galore…

    The only thing I didn’t like was the line:
    “Her sweet soft voice, neigh perfect breasts and her long golden hair were always a welcome sight along the road that shadowed the Glengorm Mountains.”
    It just feels a bit cheap and tacky. Since that line is in one of the first paragraphs, it sets the “voice” and mood for the rest of the text regardless of what comes next (it “taints” the rest of the text).

    Other than that, keep up the good work! And keep writing!

  2. Ah, very good point, and very true as well. I was writing it and keeping him in character, as that was very very much his personality (I was in my mid-teens when I played Snikle in a campaign). But, correct you are sir, and in future appearances of Snikle, his very…..questionable speech will be edited.
    Hey, and thanks for commenting, I love your blog.

  3. The first of many, I hope. 🙂

    I think it’s great that you’ve gone back an old favorite character. I took a similar approach with “The Moon Goddess Is A Harsh Mistress” and it really motivated to build up a nice head of steam. I can’t wait to return to some other old favorites, but right now I’ve got a million things I want to write about and only miniscule amounts of free time. But I’m going to push through and see what happens.

    I’m also flattered to have played a small role in all of this. I’ve met so many nice and brilliantly creative folks over these past months and I feel humbled to be a part of this loosely connected community. It totally inspires me to keep going when the pressures of work and ornery children the the best of me.

    BTW, have you deployed yet? I can’t remember if you mentioned when you were shipping out.

  4. Man, if I can get Christian to post, I will have all three of my blog-idols visiting my site and posting on it! whoohooo!
    I am glad I went back to ole snik, I already am about 1/2 the way through issue #2 (a dungeon!), riving snik has really gotten my juices flowing. I have to agree with you Tim, this sort of loose network of creative people provides me the inspiration and helps push me to continue creating. I just hope I can keep this going, too often my projects get sidelined due to life or me simply getting addicted to something else and moving on.
    I have not deployed yet, just got back from 6 weeks of school away from the family, so I get a little break until I have to head out in late October or so.
    Oh and btw, I love your blog too! 😉 The pirate party was awesome!

  5. Two is in the pipe, currently being looked at by my editor/reviewer/contributor/friend. 🙂
    Issue three is written, just need to do the art for it, and four is already done as well. One is from the aforementioned ‘guest-writer’ about an interesting piece of equipment and the other is about a friendly inn for players to visit.

    Holy crap, I think I might actually be following through on something!

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